Galaxy Survivor


In the Galaxy Survivor World, players will experience a truly metaverse world with a huge galaxy map. Players will participate in seeking and fighting for planets in the Galaxy with more novel game modes (FPS, Turn Based, RPG ...).
Each planet will have its own structure with different purposes (Building architecture, Trade, Entertainment, Mining, Exploration, ...). In the Galaxy Survivor's Metaverse, the spacecraft's Transportation Attributes will come into play as interplanetary travel obeying the laws of Physics (Velocity, Load, Fuel) providing a truly immersive and interactive experience for players.


Planets (NFTs) have definite coordinates belonging to different star galaxies and will have distinct structural features including:
Planet Environment: is the default environment that is initialized when the player finds the coordinates and takes possession of that planet. Environment structure of a planet includes:
  • Planet Theme: Environment at planet (Desert, Sea, Forest, Volcano, ...). The environment will affect the type of resources that can be mined on that Planet.
  • Planet Status: Conditions on the planet (Storm, Ruins, Arid, Peaceful, Abundant, ...). This index will affect the rate of erosion, the duration to mine on that planet.
  • Planet Size: The size of the planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars, ...) affects the number of buildable constructions on the planet.
  • Planet Orbit: Satellites around the Planet (Asteroid Belt, Moon, ...) that affects the Planet's Defense ability.
Planet Construction: is the construction that the planet owner can build/intervene.
  • Planet Mine: are available resources on the planet. Planet owners can build structures and equipment for exploration and mining.
  • Planet Ruin: are relics that contain many treasures but are also full of dangers from the environment as well as entities within. Players can explore these ruins or rent out expedition visits for profits.
  • Upgradable Construction:
    a. Barrack: Increasing the defense of the planet
    b. Research Lab: Increasing resource exploitation productivity
    c. Repair Station: Repairing Damaged Airships, Equipment
    d. Radar System: Increasing Planet's ability to scan and identify enemies