Galaxy Survivor
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NFT Quantity Limit

The limit mechanism applied on the number of NFT's is to ensure the interests of players, the value of NFTs as well as encourage players to interact more in the community.

1. Spacecraft (Limited)

During the first phase of the game, it can be created only a limited number of 200,000 spaceships, in which:
  • 50% are issued by “Galaxy Survivor” through limited sales.
    100% of this NFT sale proceeds will be used to support NFT liquidity creation and add to the Vault Token as rewards for other features.
  • 50% earned by players by random opening BluePrint received from gaming

2. Equipments, Skill Gems (Unlimited)

Equipments and Skill Gems can be received unlimitedly through the process of gaming and random opening BluePrint, combining Skill Gems
However, using the equipments and gems will reduce durability, the number of using times. Therefore players need to use other resources (received in the game) to repair, fully charge.

3. Voting Mechanism

Once the 200,000-ship limit is reached, the Community can participate in a vote to decide whether to extend the limit of the quantity of spacecrafts.
The right to vote will be measured based on the number of $GVIP holdings.