Galaxy Survivor

Beta Release Guide

Welcome Commanders, are you ready to take a closer step into the NFT Metaverse with Galaxy Survivor? We are here to tell you all the game mechanisms you can experience during the Beta Release phase.
Installing Galaxy Survivor
Step 1: To download the game, head over to the email you has registered to us and accept the invitation:
Then start downloading the APK file using Firebase App Distribution.
System Requirements:
  • Android OS version
  • RAM: 4G
After that, locate that file then install the game. When it is finished, open it.
You should see this screen:
Step 2: Please log in by using the email and password you registered on the landing page So remember to check it out.
With that, you can now play the game. Welcome to Galaxy Survivor!
Note: Currently, the game is only available for Android users, Web and iOS version will be released soon!

Available Features:

Now that you have successfully entered Galaxy Survivor, what can you do in the game? Here are the available features we made to support for Testers:
Once you register for the Beta Release of Galaxy Survivor, you will randomly receive 6 warship (NFTs) during this phase of Galaxy Survivor.
Note: All the items will be provided on user’s first time log in.
And if something seems wrong, just report it to us. Our team is always ready to fight the annoying bugs that keep hiding from our radar. We even hold a bounty event for the community

How To Report Bugs

During the Community Beta Release, we will be holding a bug-hunting contest with great bounty rewards. To know more about this awesome event, as well as how to report bugs found in the game, check out this article:
That’s it for today, more details will be updated soon. Good luck to all the contestants out there!

About Galaxy Survivor

Galaxy Survivor is a Real-Time Strategy game that combines Role-Playing Game developed on the Avalanche platform. It allows players to not only experience a beautiful, lively 3D Game but also join battles, complete missions to receive valuable rewards (NFT).
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