Galaxy Survivor


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Galaxy Survivor?
A: Galaxy Survivor is a Real-Time-Strategy game that combines Role-Playing Games developed on the Blockchain platform. It allows players to not only experience a beautiful, lively 3D Game but also join battles, and complete missions to receive valuable rewards (NFT)
Q: What is the total supply of the $GLXY token?
A: Total supply is 10B, please refer to for further information.
Q: What wallet can I use to buy $GLXY token?
A: Metamask / Trust wallet with Avalanche C-chain network setup
Q: Can I change the empire?
A: No you can not change the empire once you’ve made your choice, since this decision affects all of the other in-game elements.
Q: How many game modes does the game have?
A: Players can experience 4 in-game modes:
PVE - CAMPAIGN: In the campaign, players will fight AI on different planets. Each planet can drop its own form of items in different proportions. PVE - BOUNTY HUNTER: Every day of the week players can hunt on a different map. Resources dropped in this mode more than at PVE Campaign PVE - WORLD BOSS Boss opens on weekends. Players can get the part that usually relies on dealing damage to the boss Finish Boss Top Leaderboard Ranking PVP - Player versus Player
Q: There are 3 empires, so do they have different stats, pros, and cons?
A: Yes, of course! Galaxy Survivor was built as a game with a very wide universe. In which, each empire will have different pros and cons, such as ATROPOS warships prefer using MUN weapons, physically lethal missiles, with great offensive power (ATK), LACHESIS has the strength of defense (SHIELD)​​ and MORTA's strengths are Speed and Avoidance (SPD & EVASION). Besides, each empire has a unique sets of battleships and equipments, giving players thousands way to approach and enjoy the game.
Q: Each empire has a set of warships, which means there are many different types of warships?
A: No, each empire has different types of ships, but they belong to one of the game's five general types of ships. Each Armed Service will have special skills and indicators that show their own strength in Combat: Distribution of properties index Skills that can be equipped Special equipment only that armed service can use.
Q: How to own NFT warships?
A: Users buy Blueprints on Marketplace to open new warships.
Q: Can motherships be traded on marketplace?
A: Motherships are the default ships which will be given to players after they choose their preferred Empires.
Q: How many warships do players need at least to join Galaxy Survivor?
A: To join Galaxy Survivor, players need to own at least 3 warships
Q: How many empires are there in Galaxy Survivor?
A: There are 3 Empires in Galaxy Survivor including: Atropos, Lachesis and Morta.
  • The Atropos a race of human origin with their Physical Power
  • Lachesis is descended from the Ancient Alien species. Lachesis uses the power of Laser Energy.
  • Morta is an empire that has its roots in the advanced civilizations of space. Morta uses the power of quantum (Quantum Force)
Q: How to choose my favorite empires?
A: Right after joining the game, players can choose their favorite empires.
Q: How many types of classes are there in Galaxy Survivor?
A: The 6 types of class according to the increasing strength of Atropos include:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
Q: What classes does Lachesis have?
A: The 6 types of class according to the increasing strength of Lachesis include:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
Q: What classes does Morta have?
A: The 6 types of class according to Morta's increasing strength include:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
Q: Do warships have difference from others?
A: Yes. Each warship will have a certain race compatibility and rarity
Q: What are the rare levels of warships?
A: There are five levels of rarity of warships: Normal (N) Rare (R) Super Rare (SR) Super SR (SSR) Ultra Rare (UR)
Q: How does the rarity influence the warships' strength?
A: The higher the rarity, the higher the stats
Q: If I choose the Atropos race, will I be able to put the Lachesis or the Morta in the formation?
A: Yes, but they won't be able to activate the Research Skill of the Empires
Q: What's Research Skill?
A: Research Skills are skills unique to each Empire
Q: How to activate Research Skill?
A: Research Skill Tree will be activated after the player selects Empire. Players will unlock Research Skill with resources
Q: What's wargear?
A: Wargear are parts that can be installed and increase the stats of the Warship
Q: Are Wargear NFT?
A: Yes, each Wargear is a different NFT. Players can buy and sell on Market Place
Q: What's different about Wargear?
A: Warships belonging to an empire can only install that empire's Wargear (except weapons) Wargear has 3 Model levels (Rookie, Elite, Champion). The higher the model, the higher the stat, along with the higher the weight.
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